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Drug rehab SEO and marketing is in generating treatment calls. Lead generation in the addiction treatment industry can no longer depend on Google AdWords, Legit Script certification, and PPC. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers cannot survive anymore using a buy rehab leads tactic. A robust marketing plan with a health mix of different avenues is the key for these rehabilitation centers. This starts with understanding organic rankings, backlinks, citations, and the many avenues they must be advertising on.

Why High Quality Back links Are Important for Drug Rehab Marketing

Once you have proper website development in place the drug rehab SEO marketing begins. The critical area is building quality back links. These are critical because this is what Google uses to judge you against your competition. This Google Juice links tells Google you are an authority in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry. again, here is where you get tremendous value from an addiction treatment center marketing specialist.

What Are Citations for Drug Rehab SEO and Marketing?

Citations are the most important strategies for drug rehab marketing and SEO . One of the most over-looked areas in addiction treatment center marketing is citations. Citations are listings across the web with listing websites. These are listing on drug rehab resources websites. These are listings on Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Yellow Pages, White Pages, and many more. On these websites you must list your addiction treatment center. The critical area to pay attention to is the NAP.

This stand for name, address and phone. These all must be exactly the same on all sites starting with your Google My Business listing. Google is looking to make sure you are the exact company on all platforms. Google uses this to make sure you are a legitimate business, and that you are an authority in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment space.

Maximizing Google My Business


Google My Business is an extremely important component for addiction treatment center marketing. This should one of the first areas drug rehab marketing consultants look at to improve. On page one of Google there is what is called the Google 3-Pack. This is the maps listings. There are only three on the page. It is critical for addiction treatment centers to achieve this highly rated goal. Local search has become paramount in our industry. The Google maps get many click troughs.

In order is get to this golden egg there are many things that need to be done. There are several drug rehab marketing and SEO solutions available. Here are some of things that must be done;

  1. Set-up a Google My Business account
  2. Completely fill out all required fields
  3. Add pictures formatted correctly in all areas
  4. Continue to add pictures on a regular basis
  5. Post articles on a regular basis
  6. Be ready for at least a 90-day drug rehab marketing and SEO solutions campaign

Social Media Vs. Drug Rehab Marketing

Drug rehab social media is the second biggest mistake made by rehabilitation centers. They suffer from drug rehab SEO marketing Digital Darwinism in this area. It is imperative that addiction treatment center marketing includes social media in the marketing mix. LinkedIn has 550 million users and Facebook has 2 billion users. Drug rehab lead generation must get the message in-front of these audiences to not only generate leads, but to also increase their SEO efforts.

Drug rehab marketing agency that clearly demonstrates their ability to perform social media marketing in the addiction treatment industry. Behavioral Health Network Resources clearly demonstrates this with this social media activity on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more. Our audience includes 30,000 LinkedIn level one connections, 50,000 LinkedIn group members, 15,000 friends on Facebook, 160,000 Facebook group members, 3,000 Twitter followers, and an active email database of over 40,000.

To do this successfully they must understand the secrets, tricks and back-doors of these mediums. Drug rehab marketing resources on Facebook and LinkedIn are essential. However, they have placed algorithm changes that drastically effect the business profiles on these mediums. They are serving less ads from the business profiles. The power of these mediums is in the personal drug rehab marketing and groups. The algorithm changes did not affect the personal profiles or the groups. You can get more information on social media marketing by reading Drug Rehab Lead Generation Vs. Social Media.

What Are the Needed Advertising Strategies?

Drug rehab marketing strategies are complicated processes and require knowledge. Most substance abuse centers do not have a strategy in place. Many rely on networking with other addiction treatment centers. While some use a buy rehabs leads strategy utilizing Google Ad Words and Legit Script certification.

The small to medium size rehabs are struggling because of bad drug rehab marketing tactics. Many rehabilitation centers hover around a 50% census. The big centers are also struggling like American Addiction Centers and the sale of Elements demonstrate this.

The “old school” marketing is not effective due to heavy competition and regulations. However, we are still seeing a majority of the small to medium players wasting money on PPC, Legit Script, and Google AdWords. Their website is poor at best, with many search engine optimization mistakes. Marketing agencies have done a poor job of producing structurally correct websites that communicate with Google spiders.

Many addiction treatment centers are closing. Only the savvy addiction treatment centers with resources like IOP drug rehabs Austin will survive. Substance abuse rehabilitation centers like this are educating on inpatient and intensive outpatient addiction recovery services. They understand effective drug rehab marketing and technically correct SEO strategies are the key to educating the public on substance abuse care. It would be wise if the struggling smaller centers understand that getting on page one of Google organically translates to clients at a low cost per acquisition. Organic SEO must be in every rehab lead generation strategy.

Finding the Best Drug Rehab Performers?

The best drug rehab SEO and marketing performers make themselves known. You see them on many social media websites. The two biggest are LinkedIn and Facebook. We are not talking about paid ads for marketing services. You see in-depth articles explaining the pain points of marketing in the substance abuse industry. These are the thought leaders who provide the best marketing services.

Any marketing company in the behavioral health industry should be ranking on page one. If they are not, you should question their capabilities. Almost all advertising agencies in our industry claim they can do search engine optimization. However, there are only about 5 on page one of google. Try anf Google, “drug rehab marketing”, drug rehab SEO, and “drug rehab consultants.” These are the top performers that understand SEO and how to rank.

You can go a step further and search business websites like Crunchbase and Alignable. See who ranks for drug rehab marketing, and SEO. These websites are second and third to LinkedIn. They are highly credible and provide a ton of information on the agencies.

Check LinkedIn Drug Rehab Marketing and SEO Consultants

LinkedIn is the best professional website in the world. When looking for drug rehab SEO and marketing consultants. All consultants should have a profile on this website. It should be loaded with business and marketing content that helps addiction treatment centers. Since it’s a professional website you should be able to get drug rehab marketing, strategies, ideas, and solutions. fifteen minutes of research here can save $100,000’s of dollars in advertising spend over years.

As a CEO or Marketing Director it’s in you’re best interested to get as much information as possible. Other websites you can do research on also include Slide Share. This is an extension of LinkedIn. A good drug rehab marketing and SEO consultant should have some content on this website. It posts the information in PDF form that is downloadable. This allows you to take the money saving content with you.

Finding Drug Rehab Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Professionals

To find the best drug rehab marketing professionals you should check even more business websites like Owler. It lists a ton of information on businesses. Any good agency should be listed on this website. They provide background information, financials, and management overview. Again, to be the best you have to see them everywhere on the internet. This clearly demonstrates their capabilities.

Understanding Drug Rehabs in the US

Drug rehabs West Palm Beach Florida are at the focal point in the United States. Many of the patient brokering laws are and extension of what the Sunshine State did with patient brokering. They have caused disruption in the industry. This was much needed as there are a lot of people seeking treatment in the US. Many have been unknowingly sold to treatment centers by recovery advocates. They mislead their services and make from $500 to $5,000 per referral.

Some of the best drug rehabs West Palm Beach options provide various different types of healthcare. Places like;

Agape Treatment Center
4837 N Dixie Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

(888) 614-0077

They have a comprehensive list of drug and alcohol addiction treatment services combined with mental health. When seeking the best addiction treatment center in south Florida this is the one to call. Here is a list of their services.

  • substance abuse
  • duel diagnosis
  • medication assisted treatment or MAT
  • PHP drug rehab day and night addiction treatment
  • intensive outparient program or IOP drug rehabs
  • outpatient care
  • individual counseling
  • family program

atient brokering is happening all across the US. It makes it difficult for ethical operators that truly want to help reduce the heroin epidemic. Places like drug rehabs New Jersey that have holistic services. They have medical protocols that can help in detox and during intensive outpatient substance abuse treatments. Their strategy is to educate with in-depth content and not use outreach. Instead of referrals they are relying on educating the consumer.

There are other centers like drug rehabs Los Angeles that are in a competitive market. They are competing against many patient brokers in California. However, they refuse to use that strategy. Instead, they invested in rebuilding their website with the best SEO implementation. Now they are organically ranking for over 1,000 key substance abuse keywords. This has allowed them to generate many phone calls.

How to Get Educated on Drug Rehab Marketing and SEO

Getting educated on drug rehab marketing is not an easy task. However, one of the best ways is with addiction conferences on Moments of Change. There are one a few events that provide this particular information on drug rehab SEO and marketing. Behavioral Health Network Resources is one of those event providers. They have put on over 25 conferences focusing on the business and marketing side of addiction treatment. There events are in a talk show format with 5 executive though leader panelists. These high-profile professionals share their proven strategies.

The Best Drug Rehab Marketing and SEO Talent Can Be Found

When searching for the drug rehab SEO and marketing agency geographical location doesn’t really matter. These advertising services can be done remotely. However, as stated above you want to make sure they rank on page one of Google for their behavioral health services. This means they should also be ranking in the maps sections on the search engines.

The best drug rehab marketing content should be addressing the pain points of operators. Looking at their articles they should touch upon areas that are causing centers to struggle. Getting the coveted first page ranking says you are the best in the world. Getting this position does not happen by accident. That is why you only see the rehabilitation centers on page one that understand SEO.

Who Ranks the Best for Drug Rehab Marketing and  SEO?


Behavioral Health Network Resources drug rehab marketing and SEO agency dominates page one of Google for many related terms. They are competing against every marketing company in the US. They clearly demonstrate their search engine optimization capabilities. They not only perform SEO but also educate on it at the addiction conferences. Check them out on the web and you will see they are one of the best drug rehab SEO and marketing provides in the US.

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